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On My Playlist: Breedlove & Chew Fu

Craig Jessup and Peter Kardolus better known as Breedlove and Chew Fu are making a statement and it needs to be heard.
Breedlove (Craig Jessup) is a West Coast artist moved to New York turned to funky, hip, talented makeup artist in theater and singer songwriter in music. Currently part of the staff in Broadway’s extremely successful musical, Wicked, Breedlove brings a distinguished polished expertise in music to the duo. Being the offspring of two talented touring performers, it’s in Craig’s blood and heart to achieve and exhibit musical abundance.
Possessing experience on stage from writing plays, musicals and performing; to being the chief ambassador for Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way foundation for the Born This Way ball. Breedlove’s originality and creativity from gathering style and inspiration from the ‘City that Never Sleeps’ only make up one piece to this unexpected but compelling pair.
Chew fu is a producer and and DJ based in New York City, foremost known for his remixes or “refixes” as he likes to name them, of pop stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Mariah Carey.
Originally from Amsterdam, Chew studied and received his Masters (alto saxophone) while attending Utrecht Conservatory. Thus after Chew began a line of performances worldwide and catching the attention of many with popular refixes ! For instance two of Lady Gaga’s most iconic remixes “Bad Romance (Chew fu mix)” and “Love Game” featuring Marilyn Manson.

In addition to the team is Jocelyn S. McBride as the dancer/performance artist of Breedlove and Chew fu. 2011 was the year that started it all when the talents joined forces. Both conscious to the fact that they made magic together they begin their stage show “Magic Monday”. After sometime passing the pair released their debut album also titled Magic Monday on 12/12 records.

Rock and Roll piano chords, Super Nintendo, and show tune elements make up what I would describe as Magic Monday that could be listened to everyday. Breedlove and Chew Fu or how I like to call them BCF show their unique style and approach in music. Craig’s dexterous and theatrical vocal versatility along side Peter’s fresh electronic guitar plug ins and BOSS production launch and hit a future sound ahead of its time.The same year Magic Monday was born they also landed to be the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ARTRAVE: The ArtPop Ball, impressing many and gaining more fans in numerous cities throughout the globe!

Fast forward to 2017 the pair start off with a bang. The news of an upcoming album set to be released in the future titled Tragic Tuesday as well as a new performance this February 7th in the lower east side of Manhattan. Along with traditional and non traditional singing plus innovative and daring song structure, this Lady Gaga meets Gwen Stefani meets Yo Gabba Gabba music creation called Breedlove and Chew fu,are setting the tone for the next wave of musical tour de force. We can be sure that Tragic Tuesday will be nothing short of a sophomore sensation!

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