90’s Kids are Vibing with Daveed Ramsay


Alright 90’s babies so this song is for you.

For this week’s review, I give you Daveed Ramsay‘s track “99′”, which features Bri Steves

Now I was introduced to Daveed through my last artist, Jay Solstice. If you have a decent memory you would remember that this artist was a feature on Jay’s “E.D.L” track. Well, apparently that wasn’t his greatest verse if you recall. I mentioned he lacked depth and after listening to the original track suggested that he not be featured.

Daveed originally is from New York, but it seems like he uprooted and became a Jersey dude. Don’t think that would disrupt his element, though This artist is dabbles in a little bit of everything and is sure to incorporate his swag from the big apple as well. Actually, you may of seen this rapper before, on your tv screen.


Ramsay is known for her commercial work with Powerade and basketball player, Lebron James, along with a few other miscellaneous projects. Don’t worry we can talk about those another time.

But enough of the back story, I think we know this rapper has come armed and ready. Time to dig into this track.

So “99′” is 100% a catchy track, that I have to give it. It’s one of those songs on that the radio plays over and over again and you suddenly realize you know all the words. So claps to you Ramsay, you managed to penetrate my subconscious.

However, this track is not 100% my cup of tea, which isn’t really a bad thing and let me explain why.


Daveed, in my opinion comes off as a turn up, party type of artists, not a lyricist. Why do I say that? Well he has the commercial formula working for him, catchy ass hook, a good female rapper and a really great vibe While I admit that he chose his beat and his hook extremely well, the verses are actually lacking for me. The thing is, if this track wasn’t playing at a kick back or a club, I more than likely wouldn’t listen to it on the regular.

But that’s just me, my playlist is filled with artists like Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani…you get the deal. In my eyes Daveed still lacks depth but if depth is not what he is going for than I guess this is what it is.

I did mention this same critique in his feature with Jay and I still stick by it. This time around Ramsay┬áchose a better collaborator with “99′”, as Bri Steven’s energy matches his. Very easy going, very casual, surface level, very shallow but I think he’s capable of giving us more.

I would love to see this artist take a risk by invoking maybe a story about his life or maybe a situation. Something a little more Jay Z from The BluePrint 2. I don’t think I’m asking for too much, as Daveed definitely has it in him, he just needs the push.

Yes, for now these shallow tracks are working for him but he shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

That’s all I got for now, but in the mean time be sure to show Daveed some love and check out his Soundcloud. Disclaimer, this will not be the last we hear from him.

Lady Sen


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