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A$AP Ferg Speaks on Bari: “We don’t condone that kind of behavior.”

Ferg discusses the Mob member’s behavior


A$AP Ferg had a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, where he discussed the sexual assault allegations against A$AP Bari, creator of VLONE and a Mob member.
As you should know a video leaked in July,showing Bari attempting to force a woman to perform oral sex.

Nike Terminates Collaboration w/ A$AP Bari Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

“We don’t condone that kind of behavior,” Ferg said. He mentioned how the group had a “sit down” with Bari after the video leaked but he is still a part of the Mob.

Ferg also mentioned how this has impacted the group, negatively. “Whenever they showed the video or spoke about it on YouTube, it would be ‘Shabba Ranks’ B-role in the back of my video and it’s like ‘damn, I ain’t have nothing to do with that shit.But what happens is you guilty by association.”
As for now Ferg just dropped his Still Striving mixtape, a week ago, and A$AP Mob is getting ready to release Cozy Tapes Vol.2: Too Cozy, this upcoming Friday.

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