What is LadySenTalks.com?

LadySenTalks is a platform created for Discoverers, Collectors (Info Hoarders) , News Enthusiasts, Artists, and Web Surfers.

We cover pop culture, news, music, beauty and wellness; contain a wide variety of editorials, a short story or two and more. We expose experiences with a sprinkle of the main stream media.

LST launched in May 2015 by the hands of “Lady Sen,” or Sen Kathleen. Its goal is to serve as a hub for discovery; connecting and exposing readers to many ideologies, cultures, forms of art, etc…

If you are an Explorer, Adventurer, Artist or Collector of any sort, this is the place for you.


About Sen Kathleen, The Basics


Aliases: Sen, Lady Sen, Kathy

Sign: Taurus – May 14th

Born in: Willingboro, NJ

Currently Residing: Always Moving

What I Do: Writer, Web Developer, Video Editor, Content Consultant

Things to Wish For: A Cure to Writer’s Block, Time Travel, My Own Island, More Time, to Run Faster.

Fav Artist: Right now I’m listening to a lot of Nitty Scott,A$AP Rocky, Kehlani and Vic Mensa. Favorites, I believe, have a time period. So they are my must haves right now.

Things You Never See Me Without: iPhone, a Book, Vaseline, Water (anything but Dasani or Aquafina).

Random: I am a one way bilingual, regaining my fluency in two way communication; Any time is nap time; Firm believer in all things magick; If I could pick any other job I would be an Engineer or Puppy Coach.

Upcoming Projects: lil Spicy Girl mag, Where Is Alise

Other: Ex·po·sé Media


sen kathleen

Why Lady Sen?

So Sen is my actual name, shortened, and well tbh I thought it sounded cool enough to include in a brand. I took to Google for inspiration and what do you know there was a Senhime, who also went by Lady Sen. She is a figure in Japanese culture who produced/inspired a fair amount of legends. What better inspiration than that?

I also had a love for Japanese culture when I was younger, I was/am an avid manga reader (and occasional anime binger). So this was a bit of a no brainer and it beat all my other searches (not much of a surprise but a lot of Senators popped up when I googled myself).

Why a blog?
I’ve been writing since I was 11 and picked up blogging at Rutgers Univ., contributing to a few sites. I knew I wanted to go into journalism or creative writing after high school, but I also have a knack for technology. So what’s the best way to encompass all of this? I figured building a blog would do. It’s something I could share information, thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Excluding the written part, a blog can encompass so many things. There are so many extensions that you can include. I enjoy experimenting and in turn creating something that could represent myself or others like me.

A Zine?

In 2017 I launched The Zine, which was relaunched as lil Spicy Girl mag, a year later. My favorite component of LST, so far.

I’m a writer I love editorials and interviews (I also have a deep love for anything 90’s as most 90’s babies), so a magazine was a no brainer. What launched it? My back and forth of deciding whether or not to leave other projects to focus on my own brand.

I do have to say, I do not regret the decision.

What is Where is Alise?
So Where is Alise is part of an extensive project I’ve been working on for a while now. This part is a book and ARG which revolves around the narrator’s elusive search for Alise.The release date of the book is TBA.

What’s the plan for LST?
To keep evolving.