What is LadySenTalks.com?

LadySenTalks is a platform created for Discoverers, Collectors, Life Enthusiasts and Creators

We cover pop culture, news, music, beauty and wellness; contain a wide variety of editorials and more. We expose experiences with a sprinkle of the main stream media.

LST launched in May 2015 by the hands of “Lady Sen,” or Sen Kathleen. Its goal is to serve as a hub for discovery; connecting and exposing readers to many ideologies, cultures, forms of art, etc…

If you are an Explorer, of any sort, this is the place for you.


About Sen Kathleen, The Basics


Alias: Lady Sen

Sign: Taurus

What I Do: Creator of Sorts.

Things to Wish For: A Cure to Writer’s Block, Time Travel, My Own Island, More Time, to Run Faster.

Favorite Artist: Right now I’m listening to a lot Vic Mensa and Miguel.

Things You Never See Me Without: iPhone, a Book, Vaseline and Water.


sen kathleen

Lady Sen?

Lady Sen is a figure in Japanese culture who produced/inspired a fair amount of legends.

No I’m not Japanese, but I’ve heard I’m a myth.

Why a blog?

A blog can encompass so many things.  I enjoy experimenting, so why not?

A Zine?

In 2017 I launched The Zine,  which is currently being reorganized. I’m excited for the evolution.

What’s the plan for LST?
To keep evolving.