Addicted to Rap

My mom moved my sister and I to Virginia when I was 15. A new life, a new start, a new beginning. Didn’t really like the thought of it, but I had no other choice.  I never rapped in my old high school because I felt too shy, and being in this new school was a way to express my talent without fear because I didn’t know anyone. One day, I stepped into a cypher and spit the craziest 16 (bars) that had the whole lunchroom going crazy. I was already considered one of the top rappers in the school, next to this kid name Skittlez, the man addicted to rap.

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Mind you I haven’t been in high school for years, but this kid I will never forget. Our school was prodomently black, I would say 90%. He was white. He stood out like a moving light, walking through the hallways. He called himself “Skittlez” assuming, it was a flip on Eminems name.  I’ve heard stories about him but never seen him or heard him spit. All I knew was that he was crazy nice.

Then eventually, maybe a month into school he passed me in the hallways, and at that moment I knew, this guy was more than a rapper, he was addicted.

He called himself “Skittlez” assuming, it was a flip on Eminems name. 

When I say addicted, I mean ADDICTED. It wasn’t only because he was white that I automatically knew who he was, it was the fact that as he was walking, he was writing and rapping to himself. He had a stack of notebooks he would carry everywhere and would be writing and reciting his rhymes while he was walking.

All the time.

The school’s schedules was switched and I saw him more often, and everytime he was walking, he was writing and rapping to himself. Everyone was pretty much desensitized to it. Just like “yea that’s Skittlez” but I was amazed.  As a rapper myself, this dude took it to the next level. I still never listened to him at this point, he kept to himself, until one day he was challenged to battle this kid named Showtime, a local rapper getting a buzz with his smooth style and unique punchlines.

This wasn’t Skittlez’ lunch period. He just snuck in to it to battle. Showtime went first, I remember him saying some funny things like Skittlez looked like Malcom in the Middle and getting on the fact that he was white. But when it was Skittlez’ turn and eventhough I don’t remember what he said, his intensity was too much for Showtime’s smooth style. He delivered his rhymes with passion and force. He spit his last devasting rhyme then immediately left, leaving Showtime in his dust. “Fuck” I thought, now I had to be prepared if we ever were to battle, he can’t do that to me.

There was this security guard that was a big fan of mine. He would tell me all the time me and Skittlez should collaborate because our styles are similar. One day he linked me and Skittlez together to rap for each other. I was extremely nervous because he was considered the most lyrical dude and I wanted to impress him. We exchanged rhymes and we both immediately knew from then it would work.  He said this one line I will never forget “if I get caught with the drugs Ima get sentenced/ so i cop on the low like a detective” at that time that was the hardest bar I’ve ever heard from someone in person. He also was bugging out on my line “leave a lump right on your dome bitch/ Im so ill I can get a girl pregnant over phone sex” We had plans to follow through with a studio session, but it never went through.

He spit his last devasting rhyme then immediately left, leaving Showtime in his dust.

I moved to back NY, after I graduated, and not until 5 years after did I decide I was gonna pursue music as a career.

A few years ago I searched all over the internet looking for him. When I finally found him I saw that he was a preacher, which I was a little dissapointed, but happy at the same time because no matter what this kid does, it was going to be 200%.

The point of this is to show that this kid was ADDICTED to rap. His senior yearbook picture shows him writing in his books in his cap and gown. He even walked the stage and recieved his high school diploma with his rap books in his hand!!! I don’t even know how he had the time to study and to do homework because he was always writing rhymes.

It took him an extra year to graduate because teachers would complain all he would do is write rhymes and rap in class. I have never and probably will never meet anyone like him.  I strive to reach a level of rap insanity like his. I write everyday. I read raps and recite them everyday, but not like him. Everytime I saw him he was writing. This guy was truely addicited to rap. Hopefully one day, I can say the same.

-Jayo TheBeatSlayer

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