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Alaska Airlines Trolls Tomi Lahren; Wale &Twitter Approve

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Tomi Lahren is far from the internet’s favorite person. Twitter essentially celebrated the moment she was let from her job at The Blaze.

This is Why Peter Rosenberg Called CThaGod The Devil

Well fast forward to the now. Tomi was doing, well what Tomi does…stirring the online pot. She called out Alaska Airlines  for whatever reason, but no one expected them to clap back.

The company replied to Tomi by calling her “Tami” and the internet (and yes, Wale) had a field day. (Whoever Ryan is, keep him!)



However, according to another social media rep,Andre, this was just a typo. Okay whatever Andre…

Whether it was accidental or not… o and a are pretty far on the keyboard… Ryan is our Twitter winner.

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