On My Playlist: Alessia Cara



Alessia Cara should be an artist that the majority of people know and if you’re not the in majority, I’m going to need you to follow this train.

The 19 year old Canadian American songtress got a major following from years of uploading acoustic covers on Youtube.  It took about 18 years until she was signed with Def Jam Recordings and EP Entertainment and then not too long until we were treated to her single Here. 

This song is on every playlist I own, and not once have I dared to skip it when it shows on my Pandora. Which is a step in the right direction seeing as I skip at least 10 songs before I find one to suit my mood.  Her too cool for school attitude is definitely a part of her charm.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Cara just dropped her five song EP, ‘Four Pink Walls,’ this year. Check it out below,  along with the video to Here.

Lady Sen


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