Aloe Vera : The Blessing Of Nature

Aloe vera, the green cactus like  plant, is a miracle of nature. That’s why it is widely used by the health industries and the beauty brands. But what is that makes it so necessary?


This one or two feet tall plant is generally seen in the drier climate like  India and Africa. The leaves hold a transparent and light green gel which is known for its unbelievable healing properties. The gel is made up of 96% of water and some organic and inorganic compounds, a type of protein which contains amino acids and powerful vitamins like A,B,C,E.

Aloe Vera is considered as a natural healer when applied topically or consumed orally. Now lets talk about the benefits of Aloe Vera on skin and hair.



Aloe vera gel has a number of benefits on the skin. As it is known for its healing properties, aloe vera treats minor cuts, wounds, burns , acne and acne scars. As a natural moisturizer ,  aloe vera is also effective for flaky dry skin. It revives, calms, soothes, controls oil, prevents wrinkles, lightens blemishes; suntan and any kind of stretch-marks. In short, aloe vera provides clear rejuvenated skin.

One can use it as an under eye gel too. After one week, one can experience amazing changes. The dark circles will be reduced,  the fine lines, crow’s feet around the eyes will be remarkably diminished. Aloe vera is useful to treat cracked heels and it protects the feet from fungus infection, soothes the sore feet and removes odor too. So to sum up,  aloe vera can treat, exfoliate , restore , reveal , and can provide constant impressive nutrition to human skin.



Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that repairs the dead skin cells on the scalp promoting hair growth , prevents itching on the scalp,  reduces dandruff and conditions hair. An oily scalp is an accumulation of dead cells that causes all the problems like dandruff, hairfall etc.  Aloe vera removes dead cells from the scalp and heals hair and scalp problems. Aloe vera maintains the scalp’s pH balance also, promoting healthier and better hair.


These are just a few benefits of aloe vera, but trust me the list can go on for days. Just give it a whirl and I promise you won’t be disappointed.




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