Are Artis Makeup Brush Duplicates Worth It?


I noticed a couple months ago that a lot of Youtube beauty guru’s like Raye of ItsMyRayeRaye were using these really fancy looking oval brushes. At first glance the makeup brushes look like a smaller version of those really vintage brushes from the 1800s so of course I had to get my hands on some. So I did my research to see where I could get my hands on a couple brushes for cheap.

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On the official website for Artis brushes a pack of three brushes can cost you anywhere from 35 dollars up to 70 dollars depending on what brush set you get and a set of ten brushes will cost 355 dollars! My brain said go for it while my bank account said maybe this isn’t the best option. So I went to Amazon, my go to website for all things cheap. I found a ten brush set duplicate of the Artis brushes for only 20 bucks plus two dollars shipping!

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Upon arrival the package got a little dented and must up but I guess that’s to be expected with how packages get handled nowadays. I also noticed that when I opened the package none of the brushes were labeled so I had to watch a few videos and kind of figure out on my own which brushes were suppose to be used for what type of application. On the plus side, when I rubbed them on my skin it felt like I was rubbing purified butter on my face. I sat on my bed just rubbing the brushes over my face for probably longer than I should have.

When I actually used the brushes I found there was a lot that I didn’t like. I only really liked three of the brushes out of a set of ten. I also found that while it’s great that the brushes hold onto product so well that wasn’t so great when the foundation brush left my face looking streaky rather than flawless coverage. The linear brushes weren’t as defined as I would have liked them to be and the powder brush couldn’t even fit into my powder compact.

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Despite there being a lot of things I didn’t like about the Artis Brush duplicates there were some things I loved about the brush set. I loved the eye shadow and concealer brushes! I use the smaller brush to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and my eyebrows. The concealer brush really gets into the under eye. Even though I don’t like the big powder brush for applying powder foundation it’s great for blending contour.

13891813_10155045200879256_6968127146855497886_n      13935125_10155045200884256_7485432318584905170_n

There were a lot of things that I didn’t like about these Artis Brush dupilcates but at least there were some things I liked. Word to the wise though, if you do plan on trying the Artis brushes yourself don’t buy a set. Buy one at a time because you’ll be wasting a lot of money when you find that you might not like half of the brushes in a set as much as you thought you would. But don’t take my word for it! Try out the brushes for yourself!

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