New Found Glory’s “Vicious Love” ft Hayley Williams


New Found Glory, that’s a band I haven’t listened too in quite some time but they definitely just got my attention.

So the band just dropped this new pop-punk ballad featuring Paramore‘s Hayley Williams and I’m addicted to it. Take a listen for yourself and I bet we’ll be on the same wave length.

The video takes place in “Vicious Love Tattoo Shop” where we have the band (and their interesting beards) taking the spotlight as some very questionable tattoo artists. As the song progresses we see them give out a few interesting tattoos to couples representing their vicious love-hate relationships. Though it could also represent their feelings towards their body art but I’ll leave that up to your interpretation.

Hey if you were born in my generation, this “Vicious Love” will definitely will bring some nostalgia. Oh, this definitely would’ve been the perfect song for my Myspace page.



Eye On Attraction’s ‘Glass Castles’

This Coheed and Cambria inspired band united back in 2010 originally without their harmonic leading lady, Amber Sauls, until 2013. And while they’re currently unsigned, Eye of Attraction features drummer, Andrew Merkle who was dubbed as one of the top 8 young drummers in the country back in 2011. Whoa, watch out worldThe band’s following has grown since Merkle’s return from one the many tours he’s been on. The band has performed way over 100 shows as of last year and are said to be really great in person, actually they’re said to be the best.

What caught my attention in their single ‘Glass Castles’ is Amber’s haunting voice and the guitar strums reminded me of when Paramore originally debuted.  It’s definitely something you should give a shot if you’re a fan of the artists signed to Fueled by Ramen.

Oh also, this band is going on tour! Please do yourself a favor and check out the dates here, they also have their singles available to download on iTunes.

Eye On Attraction has four members:

Amber Sauls: Vocals
Andrew Merkle: Drums/Lyrics
Joe “Quincy” Terry: Bass/Guitar
Mike Trischetta: Guitar/Bass

Also in case you didn’t believe this band does have a love for Coheed and Cambria, I added a little treat for you. Check out their cover of  ‘Number City.’


Jack Ü Drops Video For "Where Are Ü Now"

Remember when Skrillex and Diplo teamed up to form Jack Ü? Remember how that was one of the best things to happen to electronic dance music? Well one of my favorite tracks from their album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü .
Now, I’m not much of a Justin Bieber fan but this song did put him in a whole new light for me. Also, no I don’t think this is some ode to Selena Gomez (like some people think). I think Justin may of just got a new found respect from me, as an avid Skrillex fan.
If this is just a taste as to what Skrillex & Diplo have in store with their recent collaboration, we can only wonder what next.