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Bandcamp is Donating 100% of Profits to the Transgender Law Center

The music platform decided to react to Trump’s ban on Transgenders in the military.

In their open letter, the streaming service explained that this is a reaction to Donald Trump’s ban of transgenders in the military and “cynical, discriminatory agenda” of his administration.

Nas’ Public Letter Comes at Trump for Being Racist; ‘I Don’t Even Have Time for Trump or Pence. I Don’t Give a Fuck.’

This is the first time Bandcamp has done something like this. Back in February, the platform held a fundraiser for ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, that raised over $1,000,000.
The Transgender Law Center, founded in 2002, has done great work in creating communities across the U.S. They’ve launched campaigns like The Detention Project (for trans in prison), Positively Trans (HIV/AIDS advocacy) and free legal services for immigrants who are trans.

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