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Hello Fall, Join the Club!

Gabourey Sidibe is the first memoir I felt like I had to read (and actually finish). I’ve always been more of a fiction or realistic fiction fan, but things change.

When LST was being remodeled, I found myself Googling everything and catching up on some of my favorite shows; Empire being one of the like five shows I actually bother to follow. Of course, I follow the cast on Insta, right? Well, somehow between Hulu and the Gram I found out Gabby was a Taurus (#TeamTaurus) and had a book coming out. That was basically enough for me to want to find out more.

You get where I’m going here?

Hello Issue 2! : The Zine

So, as you probably figured This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare,  is written in the very blunt a point of Gabourey. Well, Gabby, since now we’re friends and all. She takes us through her parents less than ideal marriage (and divorce),the weird love hate relationship with her father, her phone sex gig and mental struggles, the occasions psychics have told her that she would be something big (or be a great wife to a muslim man), etc…  There are points in this book where you’ll feel like you really know this star. So much so that you will see her as more than just Precious or Becky. You begin to see her as human.

A human that almost ended up on the cover of Vogue, but let her share that with you.

All in all, Gabby’s story is recommended read and great conversation starter. In my opinion, by sort of laying out her personal life to the public she addresses many things that other are afraid to even speak out loud.

-Lady Sen 

Lady Sen


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