Jack Ü Drops Video For "Where Are Ü Now"

Remember when Skrillex and Diplo teamed up to form Jack Ü? Remember how that was one of the best things to happen to electronic dance music? Well one of my favorite tracks from their album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü .
Now, I’m not much of a Justin Bieber fan but this song did put him in a whole new light for me. Also, no I don’t think this is some ode to Selena Gomez (like some people think). I think Justin may of just got a new found respect from me, as an avid Skrillex fan.
If this is just a taste as to what Skrillex & Diplo have in store with their recent collaboration, we can only wonder what next. 




Calling All Mötley Crüe Fans!!!
You should be ashamed of yourself if you haven’t treated your ears to
Ashes Of Our Sins‘ “Wasted Generation.” No seriously, you should…

This band is striving to be “the voice of the outcasts…of a lost generation ” and I must say, They definitely are putting up a good fight for the title. 

Ashes Of Our Sins is inspired by a ton of legendary bands that you’re sure to know: Bullet For My Valentine, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Avenged Sevenfold…the good stuff. Personally I get a mix of Senses Fail and Bullet For My Valentine.
Anyway…..back “Wasted Generation”, it is a must listen to get properly introduced to these guys. It’s a single off their debut EP,
Born in blood (Which has 5 songs) and was released last year (2014). It’s sort of an anthem for any nonconformist who has a no qualms with sticking it to society.

The chorus is really where you start to get into the song, after that it’s all smooth sailing from there.

“This is the voice of the underground
and our strength will not be bound
We’re your wasted generation,
We won’t fight with hesitation
No more pretending everything’s gonna be alright
The city burns, On devils night”

But just because I’m nice, I included the single below. Check it out!

The Hard rock/metal band (based in Philadelphia) was founded in 2011 and has four members:
Vocals: Zak Riott
Lead Guitar: Izzy Addams
Bass: Tommy Hayze
Drums: Austin Balthaser