Check Out Metatron’s Birthday Release, Lights E.P.

Philadelphia based DJ, Metatron, has just dropped his first E.P. today (November 30th), which is also his birthday. An exciting move for him, I’m sure.

Lights Cover Art Crowd 1 M Add EP

Lights E.P consists of three pumped up tracks that Meta states is meant “to capture the energy of having fun at a show or with your friends enjoying life.” Best believe that so far it’s doing just that.

The overall theme of this work, if I had to give it one, would be hypnotic. Metatron seems to have a habit of placing his listeners in a trance by dipping in and out of a variety of heavy and softer beats. But when he drops the beat, its clear that it’s no longer a hunch, this artist definitely has a knack for directly inserting his tracks into the memory of his audiences so even when you aren’t listening to him you are thinking about it in the back of your mind.

The three tracks on the e.p. are titled ‘Bang!’, ‘Bonkers!!’ and ‘Gadzooks!!!’ Fans caught a snippets of “Gadzooks!’ on his Instagram page, and it seemed for sure that that may be the winning track of the three. However, after giving it a listen, I’m personally a fan of ‘Bang!’

Give it a listen yourself, Lights E.P.  is available to download here. Hurry up, as the first wave to get the album get a special birthday cover art, which can be seen below.

Also stay tuned for more from Metatron, as I’m sure this isn’t the last we will here from him.

Happy Bday Lights Exclusive

Lady Sen


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