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Check Out Sluka’s Video for ‘Doctor Strangelove’ & Their DVD Release of ‘Introversions’

Sluka is a San Diego’s (Christopher) Sluka is a name known across countries. After recording ten projects he is debuting his visuals for Introversions, which debut this year. You can view my favorite, “Doctor Strangelove.” above.

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There’s something about live performances that I just love. This screams The Killers , which is one of their inspirations. I also get a hint of soundtracks from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv series) and Queen of the Damned. 

I don’t think there is anything Sluka doesn’t do. He plays every instrument you can think of and sing, and has great knack for song writing. Fun fact, he credits his though provoking lyricism and strong but peaceful voice for his success.

Check out the full album below!

Buy Introversions on Blu-Ray and DVD here.  You can also peep their site here as well. Let them know what you think!

The track list for Introversions is also below:

1. Valentine Lies
2. A San Diego Zoo
3. Sunday’s Child
4. Paralyzed
5. Doctor Strangelove
6. Even The Knights Love Caesar
7. Beautiful
8. Higher
9. Severed
10. Fear of Ordinary Life
11. Sadder Than Sad
12. Hung
13. Gothic Cavalier

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