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‘Chewing Gum’s’ Michaela Coel Gives The Speech We All Needed to Hear

Best Moment from 2017’s Broadcast Digital Awards

Chewing Gum‘s creator and leading lady, Michaela Coel, was awarded for Best Scripted Programme at the 2017 Broadcast Digital Awards, earlier this month.
This past Tuesday, July 18th, the star tweeted her inspiring acceptance speech to her 50k something followers.
Coel began with thanking her cast and crew, along with the Chewing Gum channel. She then continued to dedicate the aware to a anonymous woman “in particular.” She encourages her, despite her lack of support and empowerment, to pursue her dreams.
This is for the girl who did not have the gift of being told that she would be ok doing what she loved. Whose mother was so failed by the world she couldn’t tell you you could succeed in anything. So oppressed by the world she couldn’t tell you that you had the right to be free within it. Whose mother was so ignored by the world she couldn’t tell you that you could stand in the center of it.
That you, woman, could stand in the center of your family, of your own life, of a story. She simply didn’t have the evidence. In many ways, it really rather sucks, to start with so many setbacks: poor, dark female. But from those setbacks, come a resilience, a hardiness, a perseverance that cannot be replicated. Find it in yourself, and there you will find your story already written. Thank you.

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