Culture, Craft and Codeine

At their worst drugs kill, and at their best they create zombies.

Wow,  another person I went to school with is dead.

This is usually followed by thoughts of I wish I would’ve, if only I could’ve. Heroin, coke, codeine, prescription pills; all drugs pretty much we can pretty much say had a run in with at one time or another. Maybe not personally, but we all know someone who has or we know a guy who knows a guy who has.

       At their worst drugs kill, and at their best they create zombies.

So why does it seem  like it’s something everyone’s doing? Here’s a thought, if it takes a dangerous substance to make you a better artist maybe you’re just not that good to begin with!  In almost every catchy song we hear on social media today there’s at least one line dedicated to its use.

         What’s the price these days for selling poison filled subliminals?   



        Over the past ten years we’ve lost a lot of Icons to overdose. We love to pay tribute to those who passed, the musical giants of a bygone era, but we fail to see the bigger issue. talents such as Whitney Houston , Michael Jackson and Prince  lost at the hands of addiction. What about the average Joe? When an average Joe dies of an overdose is he remembered as an icon or just another junkie?

It’s a fact that what we see and hear can affect the way we live our lives. This is why we’ll shell out a thousand for some Yeezys but will clown a guy with a thirty dollar pair of sneakers ( those Yeezys better last my whole life, ridiculous! ) Why? Well because they’re a Yeezy pair of fabric,plastic and shoestring. Everything from what we wear to how we speak is influenced by our surroundings.

“I’m grown, I’ll listen to whatever I want” is a viable argument and one I wholeheartedly agree with. As adults we are free to ingest whatever garbage we want.

But what about children? We couldn’t possibly be saying it’s a good idea to encourage our children to pop percs or line it up and take a hit can we? No I’m exaggerating we’re not consciously teaching the younger set that the only way to be an amazing artist is by mixing cough syrup with their soda,are we?

I’d say exactly that, I’m exaggerating if I didn’t think about how old most of us were when we first fell in love with music. We couldn’t do Algebra but we knew every lyric to our favorite Biggie songs. Barely got a hair under an armpit but know all the top 20, as Ms. Hill said “how you gonna win if you ain’t right within?”

Stay tuned for Part 2. Is it true you only get air time if you sell out? Lyrics that make me cringe, the science of propaganda and three artists to watch out for who aren’t selling death for a deal.


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