Dino Jag’s ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ Is Nothing But Good Vibes

Welcome South Australian’s rock n’ roller, Dino Jag ! A gem that is finally getting his foot in to every door, world wide.

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Dino has been compared to artists like Adam Levine and Chris Martin but I also get a hint of Jesse McCartney, Kris Allen and David Archuleta.

Though he’s been pretty low key since 2005 debut and the release of his hit  “Calling All The Saints,”  Dino has shared the stage with a few heavy hitting names. Hint Hint members of Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

No lie initially seeing the title, “You Make Me Feel So Good” I was prepared for a Cobra Starship remake but was extremely happy to find other wise. Definitely feeling good vibes from this guy! Can’t wait for his next project coming this month.

“Dino Jag is multi-dimensional and has proven that he is more than an artist who can only create radio favorites.”

-Band Blurb

View Dino’s website here and let him know what you think. Also, be sure to keep tabs on his debut album, Breakthrough, coming very soon.


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