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Disney is Taking Away All Its Movies from Netflix

Hope you got your fill before they pull the plug.

Hope you guys weren’t planning a Disney – Netflix movie night anytime soon.

Turns out the company is pulling the all their movies, like Moana and Finding Dory, off the platform to create a streaming service of their own, by 2019. This was confirmed via The Hollywood Reporter.

New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film Held for Ransom

So as you may know the partnership started in May, where Disney forked over all their movies, including Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm.

This comes after the company purchased a most of the stake in BAMTech, a streaming tech for MLBAM. Oh yea, they also plan to laych an ESPN streaming service, next year, that will  show about 10,000 sporting events.

After the news broke, Disney’s stock dropped 4% butt the CEO is calling this a “strategic shift in the way we distribute content.”

-Lady Sen 

Lady Sen


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