DIY: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Now that you know the essentials of makeup there is going to be a point and time where your brushes need to get cleaned.


There are a ton of reason to keep you brushes clean. Unclean brushes can cause skin irritation and breakouts, increase the possibility of early wrinkles, and sets up the risk of eye infections.

You’ll know when it’s time to clean them if the brushes don’t exactly look like how they did when you got them. For example, say when you got the brushes the tips were white and now they match the color of your foundation. It’s time to clean them.

There are brush cleaners out there in the makeup world but why spend eight to ten bucks on a brush cleaner when you can clean your brushes with what you have at home? All you need for brush cleaning at home is luke warm water, a small bowl, and dish detergent, that’s right dish detergent.

Step 1:


Take a small bowl, and fill it up about half way with luke warm water. Any temperature that’s too hot or too cold will agitate the form of your brushes.

Step 2:


Drop a couple of drops of the dish detergent into the water. Make sure the dish detergent you use is safe to use on skin. Don’t want to cause any breakouts or skin agitation!

Step 3:


Dip your brushes into the water/detergent mixture. Make sure you scoop up some of the detergent, it tends to sit at the bottom of the bowl. Then on your hand use gentle circular motions as if you’re warming up liquid foundation. Use this technique until you see the old makeup come off the brush. You might have to rinse off your hand and repeat a couple times depending on how dirty your brush is.

Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Step 4:

When your brush is makeup free rinse off the suds in luke warm water under the faucet then squeeze the brushes in a downward motion until you can’t see bubbles coming up from the brush when you’re squeezing. Left over dish soap can also cause skin irritation.

Step 5:


Once the cleaning process is done it’s time to dry! So take a towel and lay it down length wise and lay your brushes on it. Then fold the towel over the brushes and give them a couple good pats before leaving them out to dry over night.

And there you have it! Five easy steps to get your makeup brushes clean without paying for a brush cleaner!


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