DIY: How To Sculpt Your Brows

I recently discovered I wasted roughly around 150 dollars a month when I use to get my eyebrows done professionally. 150 bucks a month is a lot of money that could have gone towards something else right? I stopped getting my brows done by professionals over a year ago when I found it was a lot easier and cheaper just taking the time to do my eyebrows at home. It wouldn’t be fair if I kept this little secret to myself would it? Of course it wouldn’t! So I’m going to share the same tricks I learned with you guys to help you save some extra cash.

You’ll know when it’s time to give your eyebrows some TLC. If they’re looking a little like fuzzy caterpillars rather than brows that slay it’s time to show them some love.

Things You Will Need:

  1. An eyebrow kit that includes: tweezers, an eyebrow comb/brush, eyebrow scissors, and an eyebrow razor.13680930_10154989068339256_1003355382988109846_n


I got my kit at Kohl’s for 10 bucks but you can find these at any Walmart, Target, or drugstore either together or separately.


  1. A brow pencil that matches the shade of your brows or one shade darker or lighter.13726685_10154989068439256_8593342819314679761_n


You can also use eye shadow for this if you don’t have a brow pencil.White pencil eye liner.

3. White pencil eye liner.


4. Concealer.



The Steps:

Step 1: Brush your eyebrows down with the eyebrow brush and use the scissors to cut the long ends. This is basically giving your brows a trim since we won’t be plucking any hairs from the bulk of your eyebrow.


Step 2: Use the razor to shave along the shape of your brow. There will be some hairs that the tweezers can’t get to and the razor is the perfect tool to get to those stubborn hairs as well as perfectly sculpt you eyebrows without much effort.


Pro-tip: When using the razor use gentle sweeping motions towards your eyebrow at the top and use the same motions, sweeping away from you brows when you get to the bottom. Be careful not to cut your skin!

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Step 3: I bet you’re wondering why the heck you need white eyeliner? The white pencil liner will act as a stencil for the next step. This is really helpful for your first couple tries so you don’t pluck off half of your eyebrow. I learned this trick from Youtube beauty guru and makeup artist Kandee Johnson.  All you do to make the stencil is find the beginning, middle and end of your eyebrow and draw a line there. Then you connect the lines. Kandee does a much better job at explaining the art of making the stencil than I can so click here to check out her full video on brow sculpting.

13769463_10154989068749256_2736365336457791996_n  13690687_10154989068754256_686981769910610540_n

Step  4: Take your tweezers and pluck away any hairs that are either on the connecting lines or outside of those lines. The first couple times you use your tweezers are going to hurt but it’s just like ripping off a band-aid. Don’t pluck at the hair shaft because that makes it hurt even more! Try to get as close to the base of the hair without plucking your skin and pluck away.


Step  5: Wipe away the white eyeliner stencil with makeup remover and get out your brow pencil or shadow. I first draw a line at the top and bottom of my brow and then fill in the middle then brush the hairs into place.

13681053_10154989068904256_6517080197984718639_n  13728921_10154989069024256_1905029528075192718_n

Step 6: Use the tiniest bit of concealer on the top and bottom of your eyebrow with an angled liner brush to get a nice clean edge and clean up anything you might have messed up.


 Step 7: Take a light colored/shimmery eye shadow and apply that to the bottom of your brows as a highlight.

13690819_10154989069139256_5795898819305124989_n  13718754_10154989069154256_8076234465571227558_n

Doing your eyebrows yourself is going to be one of those things that’s going to take a couple of tries before you get the right technique that works for you. In the end once you found what works for you it’s going to be worth it. So have fun with it and I hope this saves you guys a little bit of extra cash!

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