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A few months ago, I was given a great opportunity to spend the night out in Hoboken, NJ. The reason? To preview the DKM makeup collection and the artist who has inspired it all, Dina of Dina’s Kiss & Makeup (DKM). I was even luckily enough to wear one of the must have looks of the fall.

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The event was intimate and engaging. I met bloggers from the area and across the world (Spain). Dina previewed three hot looks for the fall, including: pink on pink, glitter eyes, and vamp lips to bring out our inner 90’s grunge.

The looks were all perfected by DKM products and Dina walked our small group through each step and product, while answering my many questions.

What’s great about an event like this, was that it was both engaging and open. Dina gave amazing and real advice on all things beauty and she showed us first hand what to do and what not to do.

The best piece of advice: Some women say that they can’t wear a certain product. They can wear anything, they’re most likely just using it wrong.


I was lucky enough to have my own makeup done and looked AMAZING (if I do say so myself). I debuted the glitter eye, which complimented my skin tone and hair. (See photos below)

Thanks to Dina and DKM cosmetics, I was even able to overcome my fear of doing a vamp lip and bought one from the collection.

Actually, I bought a lipstick, lip liner, and gel liner! How could I not? All products are used in Dina’s shop in Hoboken and I’m all about supporting local and reliable beauty products.

If you’re ever in the area, check out Dina’s super cute shop and her pink hair (which makes me envious).  I can’t wait to scope out the DKM Cosmetics Website for some more goodies (I’m thinking a brow pencil.)

How do I rate DKM? 5/5 stars for local products that last!

Samantha Reba

Samantha Reba is a full time copywriter. In her free time, she maintains and blogs for Radiant Review, a beauty review blog. Additionally, she is a blogger/tester for upcoming L’Oreal products. When she’s not writing for her blog, she’s handling their social media and connecting with beauty brands. She’s a freelancer for Symbiosis, where she reviews and edits graduate level fashion courses for universities across the country. She loves to travel, explore fashion trends, and binge watch Netflix. She’s been a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma since 2011.

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