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Euroflo Drops “PUTP” Visual after Pulse of New York Take Over

Well, my team started off the year with good vibes from Ascot Music Group‘s EuroFlo.

EuroFlo Drops Surprise Visual for “Good Look”

The man started off with a take over show on The Pulse of New York where he teased that a new drop was in the works. Then he went on to perform snd interview for The Artistry.

Of course if you thought that was all Euro had in store for January you must of skipped over a few details. This past weekend the BK rapper put out his video for “PUTP,” meaning Pick Up The Pieces, which was actually shot in Upper Manhattan.

Good way to usher in the New Year. Check out “PUTP” and keep an eye on him, he’s set to appear at SOBs in February.



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