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Finally, Stream Childish Gambino’s New Album, ‘Awaken, My Love!’ Here

December is the month where all the album drops we’ve been waiting for are finally coming true. To kick off, we have the long awaited Childish Gambino, with Awaken, My Love!

On My Playlist: Childish Gambino

Is there anything Donald Glover doesn’t do? He’s an actor, comedian, director, rapper, singer and songwriter. Not too long ago did he drop his show Atlanta, which turned into a hit, and now he’s giving us his third album. And one thing I can tell you know, chuck away any and all boxes you may of put him in, because he just proved he doesn’t need them.

Awaken, My Love! clearly draws inspiration from the 70’s. Glover has sited Prince and Funkadelic as influences, as well.

Awaken, My Love! is available to stream via Spotify, below, and Apple. Thank god for December, right?

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