Focused Culture: A Review

I was recently introduced to an independently owned t-shirt company named Focused Culture. I am a huge fan of graphic T’s so when the opportunity came up to review an independently owned company that sold graphic T’s I said yes immediately! I loved everything from the company to the t-shirt itself but let’s get into a bit more detail.

First let’s talk about the company itself. As I said before the company is independent so it’s not linked to any big name brand which is one of the things I love about it. You can find it on storenvy but I’ll give you a link that goes directly to the store. The store does sell both a wide variety of T’s and tank tops.

When it comes to prices they can range from $21.99 to $34.99 plus shipping and handling. I have to admit that’s a little bit pricey, especially if you’re living off of that ramen noodle every night kind of budget like myself, but the product is totally worth it! The company does ship internationally but that does cost more and it will take a little bit longer to get to you.

It took my order my order which was the Skynet New York T about two weeks to get here. So let’s say you live overseas, it might take about two months at the very latest but the company does stay within the expected shipping dates.

As for my personal review I can’t tell you guys how much I love my t-shirt! When I received it I was beyond surprised at how soft the fabric was. It felt softer than the silk pillow sheets I own. I didn’t even have to worry about the fabric losing its softness. Even after two washes on a normal setting the fabric is still as soft as it was when I received it.

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The size is also true to fit so if you order a medium size you will get a medium size not something that fits like a small. I loved that aspect of the shirt because I wear an extra large in graphic T’s and sometimes they fit a little bigger and they end up becoming a pajama shirt which sucks sometimes.

I’m giving Focused Culture two thumbs up and I will definitely be ordering another t-shirt soon.

Click here to go to the website and get your shirt! Oh and if you use the code SENTALKS1 you’ll get 15% off your order! And don’t forget to tag @focusedculture on Instagram when you get your shirt!

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