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Forever 21 used this Design from a Planned Parenthood Benefit

It’s already been removed from stores.

Okay, so Forever 21 isn’t known for being the most original retailer out there. Need I remind you of the list of complaints they’ve gotten from designers both little and big (even Rih Rih!).
As reported by Jezebel, the latest accusations comes from LA based pr agency WORD, who posted online the uncanny likeness of a tee the F21 is selling and a design they created for Planned Parenthood. WORD co-founder, Angela Carrasco,said  her and Ziola Darton (co-founder) found the design after they were given a tip from a customer. “We were just so utterly confused…We were trying to retrace our steps like who could we have shown this to?”
“We created this shirt as a way to unite women…Whoever went and lifted this didn’t do any research, or maybe they did and they just don’t care.”
The shirt has sense been removed from F21 stores, though it isn’t confirmed how many sales were made before its removal.”We created this shirt as a way to unite women,whoever went and lifted this didn’t do any research, or maybe they did and they just don’t care,” Darton commented.
The two are considering taking legal action.Since the story broke, F21 has released an statement, addressing the matter:  “The shirt in question was bought from a third party source. As soon as Forever 21 was alerted to the issue, we respectfully removed it from our website. Because this product did not have trademark or IP protections, there were no red flags raised at the time of purchase.”

“It’s crazy, and this might sound corny, but this shirt was birthed out of pain. We wake up every morning [thinking] what right has been taken from [us] today? So this was our answer.”



You can purchase the original (with 25% of each sale going to Planned Parenthood) here.
Darton is asking the chain retailer to donate the designs profits to Planned Parenthood. “Forever 21, if you’re reading this, please donate the money you’ve made off of this shirt to Planned Parenthood.Because that’s what this was all about.”
Update, from F21 representative:

   “After conducting further research, we found that Forever 21’s “woman” shirt actually pre-dates the publication of Word Agency’s version by several months.  While the legal credibility of the claim is in question, we removed the product from our website out of respect for the organization involved and any potential issues. We will continue to celebrate fresh styles and work to deliver the fast fashion our customers love and expect from Forever 21.”

– Forever 21


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