Franco Vegas Serves Nostalgia, ‘#LinkInBio’


Franco Vegas, formerly known as Wildcard, is going by his regular names these days. Though regular may not be the most appropriate term to use when addressing this Brooklyn bred emcee.

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He’s been a fan of the pen since he was nine years old, and started recording music at thirteen. Pretty dope? From there, Franco has been steadily building himself a name through the NYC underground, until he had to step away from his love of music for personal growth. And now, well the boys back!

I was introduced to Franco as half of duo known as The Sauce Twins, of WVMR. Yeap, the mans a radio personality. So how shocked do you think I was when he slipped that he also did music?

Pretty shocked but not too much just because I’ve seen it before. The station is practically filled with them

However, it’s how he did, where is was more like an option for me to listen to his tracks instead of him forcing them down my throat. And that’s exactly why I opened his email. (Presentation is everything folks).

Now lets get to the good shit, eh?

So Franco Vegas, The project we have up for bat is called #LinkinBio, a ten song project he released after a year and some change from his return to the music scene.

The thing about Franco’s flow is that it’s simple, he’s not trying too hard and he let’s you understand his lyrics.

The world we live in now, we’re surrounded by rappers who want to be another rapper (their idol), trap music, or mumble rap. We lack substance but thank gosh we have some artists trying to bring that back but with their own twist.

Franco’s music takes me down memory lane with music my at the time teenage sister or older cousins may of played around. It has the hint of a sound my generation grew up on but he doesn’t make it a sickening nostalgia. Oh and lets add that I slightly got a hint of Gambino‘s  Awaken, My Love! in there (if we stripped the vocals) Thank.Gosh. Because when I clicked his link I assumed it was going to be one of those things I’ve heard a million times over.

I feel like his flow is solid. I wouldn’t mind if he worked on his lyricism a bit more, but I don’t have much to complain about this time around. It’s his first release in how long? So he has time.

A month later he dropped singles “Flava in Ya Ear” and then “Sauce” which I instantly gravitate to, which possibly may have something to do with the bright colors in the cover art, but hey whatever works right?


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