Galapaghost Serenades Us In ‘Salt Lake City’


Galapaghost is making headlines alright. Since his ventures from his home town Woodstock, NY, founder Casey Chandler.

Okay so first thing’s first I got a little bit of Secondhand Serenade dipped in country. Just had to throw that out there.

Dino Jag’s ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ Is Nothing But Good Vibes

But now that that’s over, to the facts. “Salt Lake City” is raw and low key, exactly my type of vibe.  The video is above to check it out!

Casey just finished a dope tour in Italy that lasted about three years.  This was after his 2012 drop, Runnin’. However, before that this artist got his start traveling with John Grant back in 2010.

You can stream the full album, I Never Arrived , below.

Check out his website here and let him know what you think.


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