Here’s the Real Deal on Microblading

There’s a new trend that’s sweeping the nation and this one’s a doozy. It’s a trend that’s been around for almost 15 years yet it’s just now being brought to light after icons like Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner admitted to getting the procedure done.

The technical term is called microblading but if you want to be informal you can just call it eyebrow tattooing.  In the most basic sense of the word you’re getting eyebrows tattooed on your face. It’s a semi-permanent medical procedure that lasts up to three years. Microblading is being called the perfect procedure for people with thin or no eyebrows. I’m still concerned that this is “the best” procedure for getting thicker brows.

A proper microblading procedure takes up to takes up to two hours. The first hour is spent stenciling your brow shape and making sure your new eyebrows will fit your face perfectly. The next hour or so is spent tattooing the brows on stroke by stroke.  This is a very meticulous procedure and absolutely cannot be done in one hour by an ameture. If a microblading specialist says that it can you might want to find another doctor. It is also recommended by doctors that patients come back in a month for a touch up after the tattoos heal.

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Like any form of tattooing there are so many concerns and risks when it comes to microblading. There’s the risk of both viral and bacterial infections, allergic reactions to the ink being used, and scaring and redness after the procedure. Another huge concern is the cost of the procedure. According to experts the medical procedure can cost anywhere from 500 to 1,500 dollars!

Here’s what I don’t get, why would you pay for something that cost’s a month’s worth of rent for a medical procedure that’s not even permanent? The procedure has way too many risks and the cost alone has me hugging my brow pencil close to my heart.

It just seems so much simpler and cheaper to get a brow pencil, shadow or gel for 20 bucks at your local Sephora or Macy’s beauty department and learning your eyebrow shape on your own. The only risk with makeup is a bad brow day. No infection, no scaring and it’s fixable with concealer.

This is a trend that needs some serious research and thought so if you’re thinking of giving up your brow pencil for microblading. Make sure you do your research thoroughly and make sure the specialist you pick knows what they’re doing. While a bad brow day is fixable with concealer a bad microblading job can have lasting effects.


-Focued Genesis

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