How to Handle Your Period: Mental Health

Welcome to the final part of this series! I hope you enjoyed this series and I hope it has helped you out. I’ve saved the most serious topic for last and that is the care and keeping of your mental health while you are on your period. We all know that mood swings are involved in the menstrual cycle but there are mental health issues that go deeper than just a mood swing every now and then.

Before and during your period you might experiences feelings of depression, increased anger, and social withdrawal. These moods and feelings are very serious topics that have yet to be talked about because as women people assume we just “deal with it” and it goes away and that’s not the case. If not recognized and treated the way you seem fit these feelings will not go away with the final days of your period. These feelings will only grow and evolve into possible suicidal thoughts or even attempts.

I’m not trying to scare you but give a warning. I have personally suffered from these feelings while on my period and refused to act on them thinking they would fade along with my period. I thought I would only have to deal with mentally feeling like crap for seven days a month but they lasted a lot longer and became a lot worse as time went on. Even if this only reaches a few that are go through this I hope this helps you guys out.

I’ve compiled a small list of tips but I first want to say this; it’s okay. It’s okay if you want to cry after dealing with a long and frustrating day at work or screaming children. It’s okay to be upset over something that looks small to someone else. It’s okay to want to be alone for a while. Not everyone is going through what you are going through and not everyone is going to understand. But it is okay to feeling what you are feeling.

If you would like to lessen the stress of these extreme moods during your period one of the things you can do is by drinking less alcohol and eating less sugar and salt. I know it’s almost instinct to reach for a glass of wine or a piece of cake while on your period but lay off. Alcohol is a depressant while sugar and sodium give you a high for a second then send you crashing down the next. Instead reach for a dark chocolate bar. While chocolate is sugar there are endorphins in the sweet that will give you the feeling of being happy. For once chocolate is good for you. You should also get plenty of rest even if it means taking a day off. You’d be surprised at what a little (or a lot) of rest and relaxation can do for your mood.

I hope you enjoyed this series and I hoped this helped you out in some way!

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