How to Handle Your Period: The Physical Pain

I don’t know about you guys but when my period comes I get hit with all the symptoms and it feels ten times worse then what they told me in health class in high school. Severe cramps, aches and pains, headaches, and exhaustion all come ten times harder when you aren’t prepared for the hit. I’ve compiled a few more tips to help you get through those horrible first couple of days or the whole 7 days. I am by now an expert on periods, I’m just sharing lessons I learned the hard way so you don’t have to go through the hard route.

The number one tip I can give you guys is to have a kit prepared in advance. What do I mean by a kit? Well think of it as a survival kit for your period that consists things that will make you feel better. For me, my kit consists of Pamprin, chocolate, ginger ale, and a hot water bottle. So think of things that make you feel better during you period and have them on standby for next time.

While you are preparing your kit you should also prepare your body. Trust me when I say that you’ll get hit ten times worse if you don’t prepare yourself. I personally take Pamprin once a day for seven days before my period.

This technique has definitely helped subside the pain of cramps along with headaches and body aches but please follow the instructions on the bottle if you’re thinking of using this technique. If the bottle says to wait 6-12 hours before taking another dose then wait those 6-12 hours. If the bottle says to take the pills with food then take the proper dosage with your meals. I personally have had bad experiences where I took the pills just to try and make the pain go away and ended up almost overdosing. Please follow the instructions on the bottle before you take anything!

If pills don’t work then there are other ways to help with the pain. Chocolate and ginger ale help so much. The chocolate releases endorphins and ginger ale helps soothe cramps. I’ve also found that working out and drinking a lot of water helps with every kind of ache you can have while on your period. When you’re working out it’s like your body has something else to focus on rather than the pain of your cramps. I end up feeling great after a good workout while I’m on my period. Drinking water helps increase blood flow to the skin and that help relax cramps. The more blood flow, the less painful your cramps are. So when you begin to feel pain have a nice tall glass of water.

I know this isn’t a lot but if it wasn’t for these few hacks I would be crawling to the bathroom and holding onto the porcelain goddess for dear life every single month. I hope this helps you get through the physical pain your period can cause!

Autumn Banks

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