How to Handle Your Period: What to Wear

When that horrid time of the month comes sometimes it comes a little late or early and could mess up a few plans, like what to wear for instance. We could ignore the fact that our period is here and wear whatever we want to wear but from experience I wouldn’t suggest it. I’ve come up with a few wardrobe suggestions that can help when “Aunt Flow” decides to mess up your wardrobe plans.

The number one tip with a period wardrobe; get sweatpants or really comfortable pajama pants! Comfy sweatpants are your best friend when you’re on your period. Not jeans, not leggings but really comfy pants. I don’t know how much I can stress the importance of a good pair of sweatpants. It already feels like your uterus is waging war on the inside of you, why make the feeling even more uncomfortable with tight pants?

Sadly, however, most days while we women have to struggle through our periods the world still goes on and we have to participate in it. So what do you wear when sweatpants isn’t an option?

For my period wardrobe I always like either black or dark colored bottoms. With as much protection as there is, there is always the chance for leaks and spills. Dark colors and a jacket around your waste can help hide leaks until you have time to change.

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I usually avoid wearing skirts and dresses unless I can wear leggings with it. Even with these pieces I also stick to darker colors.

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When it comes to shoes I never ever wear heals or wedges that are too high. What counts as too high? For me, if the heels are six inches from the ground it’s too high for me.

13912456_10155066590154256_8007740453175202675_n                 13895125_10155066590194256_5232944300638477380_n

I normally wear kitten heels, flats or even nice sneakers. The comfy pants rule goes hand in hand with shoes as well. If we’re already uncomfortable why make any other part of our bodies uncomfortable in the process?

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These are just some of my personal preferences when it comes to my “period wardrobe.” I hope this helps you out when you have to rearrange your wardrobe when “Aunt Flow” comes to town.

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