I Ditched ALL of My Facial Cleansers and This Is Why!

Hello again beauties! Now, we all know getting the perfect night time skin care routine takes time, patience and of course trial and error. Well this one product completely changed my life and my skin! I honestly never knew it would be THIS easy.

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So I’m hanging with my bestie one night, and I had tried out a new liquid matte lippy from Beauty Bakerie. (Color: Raspberry Tiramisu Lip Whip – Retail $20.00. REVIEW TO COME…Don’t miss it!) ¬†We had just spent a few hours at the bar and let me tell you, I could not get this Lip Whip off my lips. I mean, I was getting ready to come to the conclusion that this is what my lips will look like from now on. My dope AF bestie leads me to her bathroom and shows me this bottle of oily looking water called Micellar Water that she had gotten. The bottle claims that these tiny micelles lift all kinds of impurities from your skin leaving it refreshed, and completely clean. At this point I just wanted my lips back so I would try anything! I shook the bottle and wet a cotton pad, rested it on my lips and just like that, the Lip Whip started coming off my lips. No rubbing, no irritated dry lips, NOTHING!

I immediately ran to the nearest Harmon and got myself a bottle of Garnier Micellar Water. (Retail $6.99) I opted for the blue bottle because it claimed to be an All-In-One Waterproof makeup Remover as well as a NO RINSE Cleanser and refresher. Now if you’re like me you’re probably thinking how can this product claim to remove your makeup AND cleanse your skin without having to rinse afterwards? To my surprise, it worked. It really worked. The first night I tried it was after a night out with a full face of makeup. I decided that I would use an unscented sensitive skin baby wipe sprayed with Micellar Water to attempt to remove my makeup. Not only did all my makeup come off with 2 wipes, but my skin was left feeling silky smooth and cleaner than clean! I have fairly oily skin and was worried that it would feel oily afterwards but it didn’t! I’ll admit, it felt strange to not wash my face afterwards, but I think that’s because it became habitual to clean off my makeup and then run to the bathroom to wash. I decided to put this to the test and replaced all my face washes for two weeks to see what kind of effect this had on my skin. I should also add that despite thinking growing up equated to no breakouts…I was wrong and still suffered from breakouts due to clogged pores etc.

Week 1: Replace face wash with Micellar Water!

Not only was this so easy but it cut down the time of my night time skin care routine by about 10 minutes…which meant more sleep. SO MUCH YAS! I started off by pouring some Micellar Water into a travel size empty spray bottle simply for convenience. I sprayed the entire baby wipe and got to cleansing. I usually use as many as I need depending on how much makeup I’m wearing and I cleanse until there’s no more makeup on the sheet. (Normally even with a full face of makeup I use two wipes and I’m clean.) After cleansing with the Micelles I resume my normal part of the routine which is a gentle toner, moisturizer and finish with Bio-Oil Skincare Oil to work on any old dark marks. For my morning routine, I again cleanse with the Micellar sprayed wipe and apply my moisturizer and primer afterwards. After that it’s makeup time!

Week 2: Bask in the GLORY that is my skin!

I am shocked and almost paranoid that I’m about to get a breakout. At this point I have been following the same routine day and night starting with the Micellar Water and I have not had a breakout…in an entire week!!! That is nuts! I started to notice that my skin looks so alive and I feel like because the Micellar Water removes literally any dirt or makeup on my skin, my moisturizer and face oil work ten times better now! My skin has cleared up and aside from the occassional blemish I haven’t had any major breakouts or zits pop up out of nowhere. Oh and did I mention, this saves me money?? Sure the bottle is $6.99 but it lasts long, and that’s nothing compared to what I have spent on 3 step skin care regimens in the past.

***Helpful Tip: Always apply skincare products in order from thinnest to thickest in consistency. That way the last product applied will keep the skin hydrated and you won’t be wasting product by wiping it off while putting on other products.***

That’s all for now my darlings!!! If you decide to give this routine a try, let me know how you like it and leave some comments!!! Oh, and don’t you worry…I’ll be back soon with more for you!!!


Rad Maddy



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