Insane The Baptist Tricks Out Your Mental

“Eat the p***y like soulfood” is there anything else we need to know about Insane The Baptist? Let me answer that question for you. Yes.

So here are the basics, Insane the Baptist is a rapper from Camden NJ, and identifies as an “alternative hip hop” artist. His inspirations, he sites, are artists like Kid Cudi and Kanye West.He also mentions the millennial movment may have a little something to do regarding his style, but he fails to bring up his IDGAF attitude, which may not work from some but he’s to some.


So let just dive into this weeks Music Monday, right? Baptist submitted his track ” You Are You” for a review and I’m going to be honest. First I was worried. Not for him but more so for me. In the beginning, I thought this was about to be an attempt to mimic Cudi’ “Day ‘n’ Nite” however, at 48 seconds Baptist drops his first verse and that’s what got me excited.

First word I that comes to mind is trippy. Insane the Baptist has this “merry go round” way to sharing his message with us, and telling us his story. Once you get deep into the track and his metaphors it takes your brain for a spin. He comes off as this matter of fact emo kid (remember those days) but with a hood twist. Claps to you.

The only thing I do have to say is that I want Baptist to work on a climax. It’s not really vital, but I would like a clear break up in the track, something transcending? It would just be an added bonus to a track like this. I would also like to see him take a Travi$ Scott taste to his music, now  THAT would be trippy af. Right?

This artist seems to hit the nail on the head though with “You Are You,” I get a great sense of his style and would love to see where he lands after further perfecting it (see when you’re an artist your work is never done).

This track is something I could bump with daily, maybe not at the gym as it doesn’t get my blood pumping, but more so during my morning commute or when I’m just vibing out.

What are you waiting for? Give it a listen and see what’s going on with this Camden rapper.

Make sure you connect with Insane the Baptist and tell him what you think:

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