Jay Solstice Drops Long Awaited, ‘Seasons’ EP

The time has finally come folks, after much delay and a ton of posts all over my Twitter. Jay Solstice, Camden NJ artist, has dropped his EP, Seasons.

You may remember Jay from his track “SuperMoon,” which received a great amount of plays on Soundcloud. Speaking of, don’t forget to congratulate him on reaching over 1000 followers since his drop. But anyway, you may also recall him for previous review regarding “EDL”.

If you remember correctly, I positively loved “EDL,” and was excited to see it as one of the tracks listed. However, the features definitely were something I could’ve done without and saw that apparently Jay thought the same. “EDL” is a feature free track.

Let’s move on to the project, cool?


Well, to start off, my favorite tracks:

  1. “Rumors”
  2. “SuperMoon”
  3.  “Wine For Me”
  4. “EDL”

Disclaimer: I’m not going to go into too much detail, in regards to why I love “EDL.” If that’s something you need to read, please reference Jay’s previous review.

Now,  Seasons is a 13 song project (which I also describe as more like mini songs). I do tip my hat off to this guy, he knows how to leave you wanting more. Personally, I’ve listened to “Rumors” at least twice  every day or so since the release, March 16th, and I ended up telling him that I wish he made it longer.  Surprise, he won’t.

Songs like “Rumors” and “Supermoon” (which we should all be familiar with by now), make me come back to my conclusion that this is a really chill artist that specializes in music you can vibe too. I’ve mentioned previously, that he has a J-Cole and August Alsina taste to him, but I also want to throw in Kehlani and Jhene Aiko as well.

While there’s no doubt Seasons is an EP you can literally kick your feet up and zone out to, it also gave me a little shock that there were a few different tracks hidden. “Wine For Me,” in my opinion could be a heavily HEAVILY watered down reggae song (any DJ’s looking for mix something up, here you go). I like how he played around with his voice in this one. He still had that dazy sound but I saw another character to him. Not only that but listen to “Diry Dollars,” which is Jay’s personal favorite, and he embodies a more turnt up rapper.

No harm in switching up your flow, right? Well, not if you can do it as smoothly as this one. Transitioning is everything in a project like Seasons, and how he was able to keep his flow, spit bars, stay lyrical, go from playful to intense, now that’s art.



Connect with Jay Solstice using the link below and tell him what you think of his latest project, Seasons.


Facebook: Jay Solstice

Twitter: Jay Solstice

Instagram: Jay Solstice

Soundcloud: Jay Solstice

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