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When I received my sample of Kalologie in the mail, I was happy to experience something new and fresh. Lately, I have fallen into the same skincare routine. My with Kalologie, it offers something new. Kalologie “Emerge”: is an exfoliating serum that “visibly reduces fine lines, improves texture, resurfaces, brightens, clarifies, and tones.” I generally have to use a few products to help with texture, brighten, and tone my face, so this was a nice all-in-one serum that I couldn’t wait to try.

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As per directions, since I have sensitive skin, I only used the product one per night for three days a week. After washing my face of makeup and imbalances from the day, i applied the serum all over my wash. I didn’t rub it into my skin, instead of gently patted it along my face.

The serum goes on clear, but did happen to burn some spots on my face (which I had just picked.) That was my mistake and something that everyone should avoid. Plus, picking your face isn’t that great and can lead to scaring. Other than that, the serum was thin and left my face feeling cool. It’s didn’t feel oily or caked on, such as other night creams and serums.

When I woke up, my skin looked healthier and not as dry (with the fall weather.) I have avoided using it on my face after a round of unhealthy picking, but on nights that I don’t, I more than welcome the cool serum.

So how do I rate this product? I would give it a 4/5, just because it did burn some places on my skin, but only for a few seconds!

Samantha Reba

Samantha Reba is a full time copywriter. In her free time, she maintains and blogs for Radiant Review, a beauty review blog. Additionally, she is a blogger/tester for upcoming L’Oreal products. When she’s not writing for her blog, she’s handling their social media and connecting with beauty brands. She’s a freelancer for Symbiosis, where she reviews and edits graduate level fashion courses for universities across the country. She loves to travel, explore fashion trends, and binge watch Netflix. She’s been a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma since 2011.

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