Kehlani Takes Her Own Raw ‘Advice’


Kehlani is doing a good job at making us all look forward to her upcoming album, SweetSexySavage. The “Gangsta” singer just dropped her new single “Advice” on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe. Honest, open, raw and sincere is what describes this track.

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But have we ever expected any different?

During her interview she opened up about why she wrote the song and what is means.

“I was just out of a really bad relationship with someone who I really thought who was going to be like the one person for me and ended up showing me so many times that they weren’t…I realized there’s a bunch of girls who are going through the same thing and they needed to hear from somebody…It was really like, a healing thing rather than us just making a song.”

We can expect a lot of positive vibes from SweetSexySavage, according to Kehlani. So far it’s been confirmed that “CRZY ,” “Distraction” and “Advice.”

You can expect a lot of really fun vibes. It’s a lot bigger I think…I’m really proud of the growth that it’s taken. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of inspiration. It’s a lot of making you feel good about yourself. A lot of self-acceptance. So that’s really the basis of this album.”

If you recall, Kehlani also released a dope visual for “Distraction,” which you can view below. She even got a hot remix of “CRZY” with a Boogie with da Hoodie.

SweetSexySavage is now available for preorder via iTunes so stock up but the drop will be in January 27th.

In the mean time, take a peak at “Advice” above and listen to her interview with Zane, below.


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