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Kwoat’s ‘Toast’ is the Anthem of the Year!


If you never heard of “shock-rap” as Mor Value calls it, well here’s the perfect example, Kwoat.  The Brooklyn bred artist took his first pocket rhymes in middle school and has slowly been building into quite the online sensation.

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Need proof?

Well his social media fanbase is well over 25K and his Youtube channel is lit, his single ” I Don’t Wanna be a Playa” reached at least 2 million views.

So what’s the buzz with this kid about?

Well, he has an alternative melody and his rhymes are slick. His blend pushes a new turn up.

“Crowd surfing, energy, and interaction with the audience.  I love to deliver lyrics and giving the crowd an experience with explosive energy”

So where are we now?

Well, he just dropped a new visual in time for New Years, “Toast.” Honestly if you’re fed up with last year as much as the rest of us, this song is for you!

Peep his invention above.


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