Kylie Cosmetics…Does It Really Live Up To The Hype?

Hello all you beauty lovers out there! My name is Rad Maddy and I’m here to give you the buzz on all things beauty! Those close to me know I have a crazy makeup addiction. I can’t help it, I love all things cosmetic!! I’ve spent years (and tons of cash) trying to find my holy grail products to perfect my makeup routine. Come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever ¬†walked passed a Sephora or Ulta without feeling the EXTREME urge to walk in even if only to browse! So, I’m on instagram one day just browsing and I decide, I’m just about ready to drop some cash on a Kylie Lip Kit. I give in and drop $29.00 each on a few colors. Posie K, Mary Jo and 22. I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement to see what the hype was all about

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About a week passes and I get home and BAM!! I receive this awesome box complete with my 3 Lip Kits. I immediately run upstairs to my vanity and sit down to try them on. One word…LIFE! Finally, I had found a liquid matte lipstick that did not budge! This is where it all begins. Flash forward to 26 lip kits and gloss shades, a Kyshadow Pallet, Creme Shadow, Gel Liner and Kyliner later (don’t judge me) I’ve managed to score most of the limited edition releases as well as the Holiday edition box that I was gifted from my Mr. Wonderful for Christmas.

I’ll start by saying, I really was impressed. I have sensitive skin and honestly, I’m incredibly picky when it comes to makeup. The Lip Kits are all great. They come with a matching liner that is so smooth to apply and can be easily sharpened. They smell amazing, are long lasting and as long as you exfoliate and moisturize your lips prior to application, they will not dry out your lips. They are highly pigmented and the colors really are beautiful. One thing I really love about them is that depending on your skin color, they will look completely different! My word of advice: check out youtube and find some beauty bloggers with the same skin tone as you swatching the colors you are looking to buy. That way, you have an idea of how they will look on your skin. These awesome Kits retail at $29.00 each.

The Holiday Edition Kyshadow Pallet is legit ladies!! This pallet comes with 9 shadows and a mirror in a sleek booklet style pallet. I love the pigmentation and staying power of these shadows. Honestly, I’m itching to get my hands on the rest of these pallets. They literally haunt my dreams. I mean my eyelids DESERVE these. The pallet is a combo of matte and shimmer colors perfect for winter and absolutely passed my eyeshadow test. I got through all of NYE without so much as a smudge! YAS!!! The Creme Shadows are awesome too! I tend to blend them with the Kyshadow for some added staying power but the colors alone are pigmented and beautiful when applied over a good base or primer. The Holiday Edition is no longer available however the other pallets offered retail about $42.00 each.

The Kyliner pencil not only went on super smooth but was also highly pigmented. I tend to have watery eyes, so in terms of staying power it unfortunately didn’t hold up for too long on me. I did however pair it with the matching Gel Liner the second time I attempted to use it and that definitely helped it to hold up much longer and added some richness to an already pigmented pencil which is an absolute plus. These babies come with an angled eyeliner brush and retail at $26.00.

I tried a few of the Metal Matte Lipsticks and while I really loved the colors, (Heir and Reign are to die for) they didn’t really have the staying power that the Lip Kits have. Also they don’t come with their own lip liners so I had to improvise. That really didn’t stop me from rocking them though because I really did love the colors. These Metals retail¬†at $18.00 each.

Lastly, I’m not a big lip gloss fan. I wore it a lot in high school but really gave up on it after that. I received a few in my Holiday Edition box and figured, why not try them out for review purposes. While I will say, the glosses are really pretty, true to color and not at all sticky, I’m just a sucker for a matte lippy. But if you love gloss, I would definitely say try them out! These little gems retail at $15.00 each.

Although I don’t usually keep up with the Kardashians or Jenners, I will say Kylie’s cosmetic line definitely lives up to the hype. All products overall are great. Shipping hasn’t been an issue and she’s constantly releasing new items/colors etc. If you have the extra cash and want to give them a shot, I’d say go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

That’s all for now but stay tuned, I have much more in store for you!


Rad Maddy




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