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Kylie Jenner is Being Sued Over ‘Lip Bite’ Work

Sara Pope, British Artist, is Seeking Legal Action Against Jenner


Reality star and beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner is being sured for artwork used in her promos for her upcoming reality show, Life of Kylie.
As first reported by TMZ, British artist, Sara Pope  has filed legal documents against Jenner over an image of bright neon lips in her show’s trailer. According to the claim, the  image is similar to her artwork, “Temptation,” which debuted in 2015. Two years prior to Kylie’s tallier being released.
Pope’s lawsuit was filed yesterday, June 26th, at L.A.’s U.S. District Court. She is also looking for damages from E! Entertainment and NBC Universal.
According to a statement given to TMZ, Jenner had nothing to do with the artwork and is was supposedly created by a third party.
Take a look at Pope’s artwork, “Temptation,” below.

Lady Sen 

Lady Sen


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