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Lana Del Rey Delivers “Freak” Music Video ft Father John Misty

Okay, so you guys heard all the buzz around Lana Del Rey‘s new video for “Freak?” Well, it’s definitely something that should be seen.

I’m not too shocked about the weirdness or trippy vibe from this video, after all that’s Lana’s specialty. I do have to give her props though. Through out all 11 minutes I was pretty engulfed in each scene.


The video guest stars Father John Misty as well as the same group of girls who starred in her “Music to Watch Boys to” music video. If you’ve never seen Misty, well this is your chance to see what a beard is supposed to look like.

“Freak,” a single from Del Rey’s 2015 EP Honeymoon, gives off a very nympho, cultish type of chill. Lots of hazy convos, drug induced laughs and tons to drink come to mind. Though it may not sound like it Lana manages to keep her class as she croons out to Misty:

“Baby if you want to leave

Come to California

Be a freak like me too,”

What makes the clip so long? Well, at 5:30 “Freak” begins to fade along with their pool side fun. Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” invades and with that all the girls suddenly make their way into the water. Later we see Misty’s under water baptism given to him by his group of sea nymphs.

Sound trippy enough for you? Check out the video above.

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