Legga Spins ‘Circles’ with Beautiful Dizaster



Jersey based artist, Legga is definitely on the up and up. I was introduced to this artist through Metatron (Philly based DJ) who recommended I actually reach out to A.P.C.Q, the producer of The Eject Lp. So far it’s all been good.

To be honest, The Eject Lp is my first taste of Legga, but I instantly took to it. 1. He manages to fluidly go through each verse as if he’s really talking to you. 2. This EP is too easy to vibe too, which is a good thing. In a world where the generation is almost obsessed with “turn up” and “twerk teams” this artist fills my need to feel nostalgia for the music I grew up with.

Personally, after listening to the first few tracks, I had a small throw back Thursday of my own, with LL Cool J, Erykah Badu, Nas and some Monica. I am pretty sure you’ll feel the same after and once your done you’ll return to finish the off the rest of The Eject.


My favorite track so far:

  1. “Circles” featuring Beautiful Dizaster

You may have heard me mention this before and I’m sure you’re going to hear me say it again:  I’m in love with lyricists. I love words and love artists that can discover and manipulate words to deliver a story to the listener.

I have played “Circles” at least eight times. Normally, I choose to focus on a song with no features to evaluate how well I enjoy an artist, but something about this song, makes it easy to obsess over. Legga keeps it 100% talking about judging, his struggles, his supportive family, how long he’s been in the game and the push and pull with staying in the game. Let’s keep in mind he’s not new to making music. But then here comes Beautiful Dizaster, first as an intro but she EJECTs (see what I did there) to fem up the track making it more poetic, especially when she mentions the evolution of hip hop and black women and men role models.

Claps for this track, and honestly if this particular trio got together again, I would not oppose.

While I don’t necessarily have any cons about this artist my advice is to test out being a little more poetic on his own and wordy. I feel he definitely has the ability to conjure a more extensive vocabulary in his rhymes. But all in all, he’s gets a thumbs up with me.

Right now The Eject EP is available for a name your price on band camp. While you don’t have to donate, keep in mind supporters will get unlimited streaming via the BandCamp App.

Check out The Eject EP here.

Check out Legga on Instagram: @leg_is_king

Twitter: @Snapshot_Legga

Check out A.P.C.Q on Instagram: @A.P.C.Q

Twitter: @InfiniteQuestIQ



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