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Thanks to the awesome team over at Lime Crime, I was given the opportunity to try out some great and very hip/cool products. Honestly, that same day, I found myself on contemplating if I should buy one of the Unicorn Lipsticks, so this was a blessing in disguise.

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I was able to try out:

The Unicorn Lipstick in Eraser is a slight mix of pink and tan. The color goes on strong and it really stands out (that’s a good thing.) Plus there was a taste of vanilla, which was really nice.

The Velvetines make great liquid to matte lipcolors. Squash is very appropriate for the Fall season and

Jinx is a great vampy, purple color that I can’t wait to wear out.

The colors are great and the lip colors aren’t the only thing that the brand has going for them. They also have some great nail and eye palettes that scream “AMAZING” and “FUN,” and I can’t wait to try out more products.

Lime Crime is the brain child of Doe Deere who encourages fans not to “quit their daydream”. The brand lives for their kickass colors, which are pretty kickass if you ask me!

Note: It was brought to my attention that Lime Crime had some issues with the FDA in the past. I am not condoning this behavior; I am strictly giving you (the readers) the facts. Here is a letter that Lime Crime posted about the incident.


(Lime Crime’s Response to FDA Warning Letter)

Lime Crime received a warning letter from FDA in reference to the cosmetic pigments Ultramarines and Ferric Ferrocyanide printed on the Velvetines box. The letter was a request for clarification as to whether those ingredients are in the product, and the FDA does not claim to have tested the products for the presence of these ingredients in the formula. In fact, those ingredients are not in Lime Crime’s Velvetines products.

Lime Crime has been in active communication with the FDA regarding the letter and following their instructions to resolve it as quickly as possible. As per FDA, Lime Crime is providing documentation demonstrating that these ingredients are, indeed, not part of the Velvetines formula and it’s a simple labeling error. We are confident that once the FDA reviews the proof, they will consider the case resolved.

Ultramarines and Ferric Ferrocyanide are commonly used ingredients which appear in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including eyeshadow, mascara, face & skin products, and soaps. They are approved for lipstick use in Europe, but not in the U.S.

Since I posted this, LimeCrime worked with the FDA to make sure their products are safe for everyone plus they’re added some super cute colors to their collections!

So how would I rate these products? I would give them a 5/5 because they’re tightened up on their product use, have an array of great colors, and their lip colors stay on and last all day.

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