Listen to Metatron’s Kill Everybody Remix for ‘Timmy Turner’


Cheers to Metatron‘s latest drop. The “Timmy Turner (Kill Everybody) Remix: premiered early this week and actually made an appearance on WVMR‘s The Pulse of New Yorklast night.
Metatron’s Latest ‘Chill Trap Mix’ is The Lullaby of Your Dreams


So for those who have been living under a rock, Meta has been a bit M.I.A recently. Though he has been mixing on his little hiatus he’s only decided to release this and one other track, the Marshmello mix and visual.

Back on to this mix, well when DJ Mainstream bumped it he actually was frustrated. The good kind of frustrated, I swear. He actually had a similar idea, to take the “kill everybody walkin'” part and make it into a chorus. Which if you hear above is exactly what Meta did, while also adding a few cameos from the real Timmy Turner.

This really brings me back to his Halloween mix, which was one of the first I heard from him and I enjoyed that. Seriously…I bumped it at least twice a day for a week.I really like how he made this song his own and he didn’t put too much focus on the actual track. I have no complaints.

Check out the track above! Don’t forget to show love!

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