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Listen to Prince’s Unreleased Track “Deliverance” Here

Since we are nearing the one year anniversary of Prince‘s death ,Rouge Music Alliance is releasing an EP of six songs recorded by the singer between 2006-2008. It will be titled Deliverance.

Stream Prince’s ‘HITNRUN’ Album Here

However, for now they have released the single “Deliverance, which officially dropped on Tuesday. The album does take on a spiritual tone. The art work resembles what one would consider stain glass church windows. However the opening line to the song is :”This is not religion, but common sense.”

Deliverance was co-written and produced by Prince and Ian Boxill. However since his death, Boxhill has worked on completing the project.

The EP , Deliverance, will be released in a few days, April 21st.

You can listen to the track via Apple music here

As explained through Prince’s site, Deliverance will only be streamable in the U.S. due to licensing restrictions.



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