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Listen to Wale’s Response to J.Cole’s ‘False Prophets’

So here’s the deal, 24 hours after J.Cole dropped “False Prophets” Wale gave us his clapback.

Watch J.Cole Shots at Kanye in ‘False Prophets’

“Groudhog Day” seems like was made to directly address Cole’s latest creation. If you listen to the song above, you’ll hear Wale go in on a line in “False Prophets” and he goes further to even include “Crooked Smile.” There’s even a line where he talks about how him and Cole opened up for Jay Z back in 2009 for the Blueprint 3 Tour.

“The most highly underrated of my generation/Behind them crooked smiles niggas neglect to embrace me…I remember me and Cole would open for Hov/Everyday a star is born I guess I died in the womb…”

Then again, “Groudhog Day” could also just be a track where Wale felt the need to get everything off his chest. After all, the rapper didn’t limit his jabs to Cole, he included…well everyone else. His label (Interscope), Kid Cudi (Scott), internet trolls, etc..

“Labeled as reckless and crazy by my record label/The doctor say it’s bipolar disorder/He diagnosing me wrong/It’s obviously depressing counting blue faces/Here go that real shit/Battled anxiety and privately them Percocets.”

Check out the track above and tell us what you think.

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