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At some point in our lives we get that little spark and say, “I think I want to get into makeup!” Once we realize how much comes with makeup it tends to get a little scary. There’s liquid foundation, powder foundation, highlighters, a different pallet for every single makeup look out there, liquid liners, pencil liners, contour pallets and much more. Just trying to match skin tones with foundations and concealer is frustrating enough.


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I understand that frustration completely! I was terrified to even attempt liquid eye liner when I first started getting into makeup but soon you will realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of. I had to find out the hard way and learn the basics on my own but I’m going to give you lovely beginners and wonderers the basic essentials you’ll need if you find yourself wanting to get into makeup!

Number One: Face and Eye Primer

Face and eye primer stop your makeup from sliding and smudging all over the place. You’ll look less like a clown at the end of the day. All you really need is a clear primer and apply with clean hands before applying any makeup.

Number Two: Foundation

There are a lot of brands out there and a lot of different types of foundation. Don’t waste your time getting the expensive brand names. If you’re just starting out get a nice tinted BB or CC cream that matches your skin tone. Not a lot is needed when applying either. It’s a lot easier to add rather than remove so start out with a little on the back of your hand, dot it on your face and blend away! Feel free to add more when you get use to wearing foundation.

Number Three: Concealer

Concealer will be your best friend! Concealer hides dark spots, blemishes, and any discoloration. This is another product that comes in a lot of different types. The most basic type of concealer, that I found, is the concealer stick. It lasts a long time when used sparingly. All you need to do is apply the concealer under your eye and another place you find discoloration and blend it in using your ring finger.

(Pro Tip: Your ring finger is the gentlest finger on your hand. This works great for blending)

Number Four: Powder

Powder helps set the concealer and foundation so it doesn’t melt away from your face. Trust me you don’t want that. It doesn’t look like wax melting down your face or anything like that but it’s still gross nonetheless. This is another product where less is more. Take a powder brush, press the brush into the powder, tap off any excess powder and dust the brush over the areas where you tend to get oily.

Number Five: Eye Shadow

Get yourself a very basic eye shadow pallet when starting out with makeup. You’ll find that basic brown, bronze, grey and black colors will take you a long way. You can create a lot of essential eye looks with a basic pallet. You can even line your eyes and even fill in your eyebrows.

Number Six: Eye Liner

If you get use to lining your eyes with eye shadow it’s time to level up. When it comes to eye liner it’s best to use a gel liner rather than liquid when you’re first starting out. You have a lot more control with a gel liner and you get more for your buck.

Number Seven: Mascara

Mascara is the easiest thing in the world to apply and it does wonders for your lashes! The right volumizing mascara will make your lashes look like butterfly wings! If you find mascara spotting under your eye after application take a wet q-tip and twist it on the mascara spot. This stops you from looking like a raccoon and it helps prevent wrinkles since you’re not rubbing your eye with your finger.

Number Eight: Brushes

Don’t waste your time getting frustrated with the hundreds of makeup brushes that are out there. All you need is a flat eye shadow brush, a blending brush, an angled lining brush, a foundation brush, and a powder bush. As you get more use to makeup the more brushes you can buy!

Number Nine: Youtube

Youtube is the greatest tool beginners should have in their arsenal. Youtube has a whole makeup community full of great teachers that are there to make your life easier. You want to learn how to do a basic eye look for school or work? You’ll find it on Youtube. You want a dramatic smokey eye with a bold red lip? It’s on Youtube. You want full on drag queen make up with a wig tutorial? It’s on Youtube. The Youtube makeup community will make you feel like you aren’t alone in your makeup journey.

The greatest thing about all of this is that you can find every last bit of these essentials in any drugstore, Target, or Walmart. Don’t waste thirty dollars on foundation when you can get it for 12 dollars at CVS.

Don’t forget, you can go from the basics to a master at makeup in no time but the one thing everyone needs from beginner to master is confidence! Don’t let someone else’s level of makeup mastery discourage you for starting your own journey. You wear that bold red lip loud and proud!

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