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The fashion industry is an ever changing community. There isn’t a trend that hasn’t made it on the runway and said trends have a way of always being recycled into something new. There is one trend that the fashion industry has finally begun to embrace and that’s diverse models. For years I’ve been tired of having only either Tyra Banks or Toccara Jones to relate to in the fashion world, as much as I love them.

Let’s face it the fact that skinny Caucasian girls that weigh less than 100 pounds have ruled the runway since the beginning of time is getting a little stale. I’ve always wanted someone that was brave enough to be different to be the face of the fashion world. With styles constantly changing every year you would think that the face of the industry would change with it.

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The faces that rule the runway and the world of fashion have been the same for decades but finally it’s all changing. From models that wear a size 22, to an African-Korean, to the first female to be signed to a male modeling agency taking the stage I finally feel I have someone to relate to in the fashion world. It’s time to meet the new faces of the fashion world.

In the fashion industry plus size models are normally a size 12 to 14. While it’s great that there are bigger women represented in the fashion industry the plus size models out there feel so…polished. They don’t have stretch marks, their stomachs are perfectly flat. Tess Holiday represents the women out there that aren’t a size 12 with a perfectly flat stomach.

Tess Holiday wears a size 22 and rocks it well. She has modeled for Torrid, H&M, Vogue Italia, Nylon Magazine and has her own fashion collection in collaboration with Penningtons. It’s like Tess Holiday has been sent to let people know that big women are here to stay and can be fashionable. As a bigger woman myself I am ecstatic that there is someone that has my body type in the fashion world making moves.

Albinism has always gotten a bad rep in the world in general and is almost unheard of in the fashion industry but that has changed with Diandra Forrest. She is an African American with milky skin and natural blonde hair a.k.a albinism. She has become a positive role model for girls that look like her and I love it!

What it comes to the transgender community they seem to have no representation in the fashion world whatsoever. If there is please correct me but much like world outside of the fashion industry there is no representation until now. Casey Legler is the first woman to be signed to a male modeling agency. Legler was an Olympic swimmer signed to Ford, a male modeling agency. She embodies the notion that fashion has no gender identity. The point of fashion is to be fierce and feel confident. Legler has taken on the responsibility to let kids who are dealing with the issues that comes with being transgender know that they are not alone and that someone is fighting for them.

Last but not least is a Korean-Nigerian model who has become a pioneer in the Korean fashion world. His name is Han Hyun Min and at only 16 years old he has single-handedly changed the game in Korean fashion. He was born to a Nigerian father and Korean mother and will not change his given name for anyone.

When it comes to Korean fashion it’s almost that same as the American fashion scene. Pale, milky white skin is applauded and seen as extremely fashionable while diversity and dark skin is frowned upon. While racism follows the model everywhere he goes he has walked 11 shows this previous fashion and has big plans to make it in the international scene as well as Korea.

I’m having a feeling that 2017 is going to be the year of change in the fashion industry and I’m looking forward to it. While we have diversity in fashion trends from year to year there is a need for diversity in the people that rock the runway as well.


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