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Mega ‘Bey Fan’ Karlie Kloss Confuses Beyonce with TLC: The Internet Goes In


One thing Karlie Kloss learned is that you don’t claim to be the ultimate Beyonce fan but mistakenly give her credits to another artist’s work.

Who’s On My Playlist: Beyonce

In a survey published by Love Magazine earlier this week (and later xeroxed for all of Twitter to see), Kloss  wrote that she has loved Bey since “Destiny’s Child 2003.” Only thing wrong with that is, she was also asked how they influenced her life, to which she wrote: “She is the soundtrack to my life!! C’mon, Waterfalls!?”

Umm…why didn’t anyone stop this before it went public? Girl needs some real friends.

For anyone else who doesn’t know, “Waterfalls” is actually a song by TLC.

You can view the full piece, from Love Mag, here.

Check out what the internet had to say about this one, #BeyHive:




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