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Before hopping on on his return flight to Cali, I got the chance to chop it up with Metatron. We chatted about some of his previous work, his favorites, upcoming projects. We even touched on his name. What’s the deal with Metatron?

Listen to Metatron’s Kill Everybody Remix for ‘Timmy Turner’

Q: Why did you move from California to New Jersey?

A: Due to a family issue I moved to new Jersey. Long story lol.

Q: Did you have anything else set in mind?

A: That’s a deep and broad question. May have to come back to that in another segment. But, I’ll say I intend to expand in a business. And, to further some schooling.

Q: What’s the next destination?

A: My next place is going back home to California, after that who knows. May go on an adventure.

Q: Where does Metatron come from?

A: This is a long..long story. In short the name was given to me. Not something I made up. We can cover that in another segment as well if you like.

Q: Have you went through other names prior?

A: Yes, before that was Dragoon. Then it went to DragoonTheMeta.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: Spiritual. Positive. Happy.

Q: What’s the best performance you’ve ever had?

A: Actually that’s a hard one to pick because, I always give my best performance. So, in turn I’ll give my favorites instead. Its a tie between Lit Ultra Bar in Philadelphia. Due to the fact it was my first big venue in Philly. District N9ne in Philly because it has a history with me and I have always wanted to be on that stage. And, lastly..Legendary Dobbs because it was the first place I performed at and I actually shut down south street due to me playing. It was so much fun amazing vibes and, I had only been Djing for about 3 months lol.

Q: You play a wide variety of music, what’s you fave genre/artist?

A: My favorite genre is dubstep. My second is trap. Artist wise…hmmm thats a hard one to answer due to the fact there are so many artist that I respect and enjoy thier craft. But I’ll say top 3 would be Zeds Dead..ZEDD..Zomboy. I can say that was really hard to do. Lol, much love to the my other.

Q: Why did you decide to DJ?

A: I decided to do that because I was looking for an outlet to share my music. And, oddly enough it’s in my blood haha my father was a dj as well. Genetics. As well I enjoy performing. When I had a band it was a wonderful feeling performing for people. I always have enjoyed performing.

Q: What do you need people to know about you before they listen to you?

A: Be ready for something that will stimulate not only your ears but, your whole complete being. I’m very technical also simplistic. It’s an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.


Check out the latest track ,which you previewed in the interview above, “Metafilth.”

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